interim management

Interim Management Philosophy from Stockert Consulting Associates

  • Managing solutions for difficult, exceptional management takes especially in restructuring or turnaround situations as line or project manager. The particular challenges are tackled and implemented target orientated. 
  • Dr. Andreas Stockert owns the expertise as C-level manager, experienced project- and change manager as well as result orientated realizer with the necessary „do-how“.
  • key subjects are:
    • result and value improvement
    • realization of business models
    • supply chain and logistics optimization
    • digitale transformation from production to sales
    • post merger integration
    • restructuring and turnaround
  • Having the role as catalyst and pusher of  the change process with the „do how“ possible to start in the particular subject immediately with the appropriate social competence to inspire the compliant and the competent as well as execute actions strictly. 
  • At the same time the amicable collaboration with staff and worker’s council, owners and investors, partners and shareholders as well as bank representatives, trustees or insolvency administrator has high importance.
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